PolyTech to expand its expertise in lightning strike protection

The Danish wind power supplier PolyTech is expanding its presence in the international market for the lightning protection of wind turbine blades and is adding more muscle to its business with a purchase of lightening experts GLPS. An increasing need for the advanced lightning protection of wind turbine blades has driven the Danish wind industry supplier PolyTech to expand and reinforce its business areas: As a result, the Danish company Global Lightning Protection Services (GLPS) is now becoming part of PolyTech.

Lightning strikes on wind turbine bladesare a major problem in the wind industry. Even minor damage can run into costs of around EUR 5-10,000 to repair, whereas the bill for a completely ruined blade can easily amount to hundreds of thousands of Euros.

In recent years, PolyTech and GLPS have both been involved in the design and production of high-tech lightning protection systems - and in the future, customers will only have one point of contact for the combined expertise of these two Danish lightning protection experts. On top of this, customers can expect a faster and more holistic product development process, as well as lower costs.

"In joining forces, PolyTech can now offer customers solutions that not only meet the latest industry requirements, but also ensure a faster 'time-to-market'. This new constellation will mean that –from start to finish - we can deliver everything required from a lightning protection project for the most advanced wind turbines, says CEO Mads Kirkegaard from PolyTech A/S.

Expanding our expertise
With the expansion, PolyTech will bring together more than 400 employees covering everything there is to know about the protection of customers' wind turbines. In addition, PolyTech is acquiring GLPS’s facilities in Hedehusene and Herning, which includes one of the world's most advanced lightning test laboratories. The two current owners of GLPS, Kim Bertelsen and Søren Find Madsen will also be part of the new PolyTech, says Mads Kirkegaard:

"It has been important for us to retain the services of Kim and Søren in our new constellation. We already have a close relationship from previous collaborations. With the combination of both companies under one name and one management team, we have a unique opportunity to play an even stronger role on the world market for lightning protection, says Mads Kirkegaard.


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