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With offices and production in Denmark, USA and China, our team combines the skills of scientists and engineers, chemists and fitters, designers and programers, construction experts, machinists, skilled laborers and many others.  


Experienced at staying young

We’re the youngest company with more than 20 years of experience you can find anywhere – and we like to keep it that way. We are constantly adding new competences and technologies and are very much aware, that experience is only an asset when it is supplied with fresh ideas and the latest advances. 


Following the potential

We started out in the wind industry in Denmark. Then the word spread. Our expertise in complex solutions is in demand in a wide range of industries and countries. After gaining a solid position in the wind industry, PolyTech of today has the acquired experience to service other branches and industries with unique designs and full scale manufacturing; from Oil and Gas to Automation. We supply world wide.


Why the name ‘PolyTech’?

PolyTech combines a variaty of visions in one word. Poly, from the Greek πολύς meaning "many" or "much" is both relevant to how we see an obstacle – from many angles and many trades.

It is also relevant to the many solutions, we come up with. Not least poly is associated with polyurethan, the polymer used in manufacturing unique plastic objects, which is what we do.

Tech comes from our engineering background and main way of solutions: Ad more ingeniuity and technical ability, till you get there.


*** PolyTech supports and complies with the international standards and we work toward the most important standards. 


Business Development

Business Development

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