Rain Erosion

Rain Erosion Resilience

During its lifetime, a wind turbine blade is subject to continual wear: A constant collision with raindrops, dust particles, hailstones, insects and more, temperatures ranging from freezing cold winters to hot summers, a constant exposure to corrosion from seawater. Add to that the constant UV exposure and a lot of wind.

Strong resistance to all these exposures is crucial to the blade, particularly on the leading edge: An investment in the right protection is essential to maximize the lifespan of the blade.

  • PolyTech is specialized in testing the quality and resistance of coating
  • PolyTech perform tests for customers as well as impartial third party
  • Each test is done according to customer requirements
  • Testing conducted according to ASTM International G73-10 test standard
  • PolyTech offers weathering according to ISO 16474-2 in combination with Rain Erosion testing ASTM International G73-10 test standard.

PolyTech regularly simulates operating conditions all over the world and combines Rain Erosion testing with a variety of other crucial test, such as UV Exposure, Salt spray, Bonding, Peeling and many more.

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