PolyTech Test Center - your independent partner

PolyTech and our customers share a common mission; to develop high-quality products, to produce them as efficiently as possible, to maximise their lifetime and to reduce costs.

PolyTech Test Center is a partner to the wind turbine industry, the offshore industry, aircraft manufacturers, car factories and a number of other industries with high requirements for product quality. We are an independent partner that enters into innovation processes and tests the durability of new products against climatic, environmental and dynamic effects. Each test sequence is carefully aligned with the needs of the individual client.

PolyTech Test Center is able to run client-specific tests in parallel with standardised tests, in order to provide the client with the best possible decision-making basis for their choice of materials.

The test centre is accredited by DANAK, the Danish national accreditation body, whose certification follows the ISO17025 standard. This also entails confidentiality about all test sequences.

PolyTech Test Center collaborates as an innovation partner with a range of external customers. The partnership is characterised by a holistic mindset, whereby the primary role of the test centre in the development process is to test new products and create an overview for clients in the final test report. We consider the test programme as a tool that helps to create better products that are more durable. Test results give knowledge and a better basis for developing the quality of products, in both the short and long term.

PolyTech Test Center was established in 2015 and also has an important in-house function. When the R&D-department develops new products, a testing schedule is put together, to ensure that they, satisfy  the standards and quality targets that customers expect. The test programme can last for many years, as is the case with one of the company’s largest development projects, PolyTech Leading Edge Protection (LEP), which is now known as ELLE (Ever Lasting Leading Edge).

When you choose a PolyTech product, you can be certain that it has been subjected to ongoing testing during the entire developmental process and that raw materials and finished products have all been tested and documented.


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