Polyurethane Expertise by PolyTech



Polyurethane or PU is one of the toughest, most versatile materials available today.


PolyTech produce it by reaction injection moulding (RIM), two liquids - usually polyol and isocyanate – injected into a pre-shaped mould with tightly controlled precision.  

PU is very tough, often our first choice in strength technology, particularly as a protective shield.   




 It's incredibly versatile – popularly chosen for its split personality, hard and rigid in some places, soft and flexible in others. And sandwiched with other materials, tougher still.  










It fits any shape, suits any function, and often gets redesigned to make existing components better - always for less.

 At least that's how PolyTech does it, in close consultation with the customer. With the latest equipment too, all on-the-spot.  

Right through from design, the focus is quality - to the highest standard there is. Designed, moulded, machined, assembled and prototyped with full CAD setup, complete with computer-controlled cutting to keep costs low.     




It doesn't stop there. PolyTech run in-house tests against rain erosion, fatigue, temperature resistance, adhesion, wear, mechanical integrity and environmental impact. If that's not enough, it's tested till it breaks – equal to, or beating, customer needs.





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