Lightning Strike Protection Expertise by PolyTech


PolyTech’s comprehensive range of lightning strike engineering and manufacturing services are underpinned by our core expertise in electromagnetic compatibility engineering:  



  • In depth knowledge of the physics and processes involved with respect to the direct and indirect effects of lightning strike attachment, propagation and damage characteristics of complex composite structures and electrical sub-systems.
  • Computer simulation and modeling capability, including: lightning current distribution and induced voltage prediction using 2d lumped element modeling, 3d electromagnetic field modeling and multi-physics modeling combining lightning current pulse threat with joule heating of materials with specific geometry and interfaces.  
  • In-depth knowledge of testing and measurement techniques for high pulsed current, charge damage tolerance, high pulsed voltage attachment, HVDC corona/streamer and dielectric breakdown.  
  • Extensive experience in the design and development of lightning, electromagnetic and electrostatic protection systems and best practice strategies from electronic sub-systems to wind turbine blades.  
  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastic protection integration, interfacing, composition and morphology expertise.  
  • Experience and expertise in inventing, developing and validating novel solutions, technologies and materials for electromagnetic protection and lightning protection systems.









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