PolyTech – our DNA!

PolyTech is a company that is driven by ideas, opportunities and solutions.

Every day we work towards making a process more simple; a product better and a solution smarter.

We are holistic, both in the way that we work and the way that we think.

Our solutions are based on the customer's reality and business model and we work as a full-service supplier with the entire system.

Smart 2.0
PolyTech has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the value chain: From idea to development, from mass-production to logistics, from installation to maintenance.

At PolyTech, we combine specialist knowledge with business understanding and industry insight. Therefore, a PolyTech solution will elevate the entire value chain.

We support a complex and highly specialised industry through innovative solutions that both reduce costs and add value. If you’re smart, we make you even smarter!


PolyTech A/S

Industrivej 37
DK-6740 Bramming