PolyTech – a new way of working

The mind-set that is shared by our employees is absolutely central to our success at PolyTech.

We thrive on cross-skill group collaborations in the way that we fulfil tasks on behalf of our customers.

Our project teams are packed with competencies, commitment, curiosity and drive; and not least with the belief and desire to succeed by working together.

We know that PolyTech already has many responsible employees and creative minds who transform ideas into effective solutions for our customers. Our knowledge, will to succeed and professional competencies are our greatest competitive advantage and we have a flat organisation, which ensures that everyone is able to expand their ideas and contribute to our solutions.

The best idea always has the upper hand at PolyTech!

It is important that our employees are able to support our core philosophy:

We KNOW, we WANT TO and we CAN!

KNOW is all about our professional competencies, our industry experience and product knowledge.

WANT TO is our sense of responsibility, commitment and our willingness to work together.

CAN is our structure, as well as our security of delivery and our quality assurance.

You do not need to deliver on all of these parameters before we will give you a job! But we do need you to have the will and desire to work in a company where we want to teach you new things, develop you both professionally and personally; and where we actually have high expectations that you will become an important element of our future success.


PolyTech A/S

Industrivej 37
DK-6740 Bramming