What we are like

Since 1993, PolyTech has employed numerous skilled colleagues from a wide range of professional groupings: Engineers, plastics makers, product engineers, electricians, chemists, designers, technical designers, smiths, carpenters, chemical engineers, marine engineers – and many other.

At PolyTech, you might be working in safety shoes, lab coat, shirt and tie, welding mask and safety goggles – and you can work with everything from analysis and ideas to prototype development and testing. We cover everything from vision to production, and you can be involved for the entire journey!

What we all have in common is that we like to go to work. We are curious, committed,
enthusiastic and unusually proud to work at PolyTech. And we really like to have new colleagues!


Our people say


"My work at PolyTech is very much based on the notion of freedom under responsibility. Mine is a job where you are able to make decisions and justify them. We develop customer-specific solutions in a market with relatively few customers, but on the other hand, these customers can be very big accounts. When engaging in dialogue with this type of customer, they expect you to be able to back up your decisions. Wasting their time is a no-no.”

Jens-Peter Lücke
Business developer


PolyTech A/S

Industrivej 37
DK-6740 Bramming