Sealing for Blade, Hub and Nacelle

PolyTech designs and manufactures custom sealings for any part of the WTG.

Sealings are tailored to meet the specific customer wishes and requirements and can be manufactured from a combination of materials.

PolyTech sealing solutions include:

  • Sealing between nacelle and tower
  • Sealing between hub and nacelle
  • Sealing between hub and blade
  • Various covers for transportation and storage of large parts
  • Lightweight manhole covers for towers and nacelles
  • Blade root covers for all critical joints
  • Custom gadgets

Advantages using PolyTech sealing solutions:

  • Custom made size, shape and form
  • Foamed or solid solution
  • Custom made formulation of materials to fit environment
  • Covers and sealings from PolyTech ensure minimal maintenance cost.




PolyTech A/S

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