Platform Sections

Reinforced Polyurethane Platform Sections

PolyTech supplies lightweight PU structures for various purposes within platform sections. Many parts of the platform – doors, trays, hatch, ladders, for instance – are today build in metals where a polyurethane solution could be the smarter choice.

PU based tower platform structures and parts ensures lower weight, and the combination of PU material and PolyTechs design team offers the tailor-made design solution ready for mass production to reduce overall cost

Advantages using PolyTech Platform Sections:

  • Tailor-made materials
  • One shot molding – no welding needed
  • Optional standardization according to customer request
  • Significantly lowered platform weight
  • Less time spend on installation
  • Cost effective – also in terms of logistics
  • Electrically insulated
  • Non-corrosive

Products with potential to be designed and manufactured in other materials than metals:

  • Metal products with PU-potential
  • Tower platforms
  • Tower doors
  • Cable trays and holders
  • Hatch
  • Ladder related materials
  • Transport related parts
  • Wear resistant surfaces
  • …and many more!

PolyTech supplies smarter choices: Less weight, non-corrosive and electrically insulated, our structures gives you more options and fewer limitations and still comes out as the smarter choice in terms of cost and logistics.


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