Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems (LPS) for wind turbines in accordance with IEC 61400-24 Edition 2

The key to PolyTech’s Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) is our specially formulated polyurethane components with excellent lightning strike resistant qualities. The components provide very high dielectric properties and thermally stability as well as a very high mechanical strength; making it the ideal choice in lightning strikes resistance.

PolyTech acts as a full service provider for LPS supplying complete solutions from design and validation to high volume manufacturing with worldwide deliveries.

Our systems comply with the new standard IEC 61400-24 Edition 2, which is considerably harsher in terms of requirements and stricter in terms of compliance, with all the previous “informative” test sections now becoming “normative”.

In addition, the wind turbine blade zoning concept is now adopted, so that the lightning protection systems pioneered by PolyTech is now the new standard.

All of our wind power lightning strike protection systems are designed using state-of-the-art analysis tools and techniques and thoroughly high voltage tested to levels over and above those mandated by our customers and international standards

Examples from our lightning strike protection systems (LPS) portfolio:

  • Aerodynamic Blade Tip Receptors with integrated internal electrical isolation
  • Tip to blade interface protection
  • Side receptor array systems with integrated internal isolation
  • Blade Surface Protection
  • High Capability Cable
  • High Voltage Low Corona Down Conductor Systems
  • Blade to Hub Current transfer systems
  • PolyTech custom LPS cable



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