Leading Edge Protection

ELLE - Superior performance and durability


PolyTech's ELLE (Ever Lasting Leading Edge) is a soft shell applied to the blade leading edge - a market-leading design to protect blades from performance-reducing erosion caused by environmental factors like rain, hail, sun, particles etc.

We have addressed the challenge of leading edge protection from af holistic point of view and developed a unique 360° solution - offering unmatched performance and taking into account all issues of functionality, ease of application, robustness etc.


  • Reducing COE
  • Optimizing AEP
  • Wide weather window 5°C to 35°C, 30-90% rH
  • Robust installation process
  • Fully traceable with laser marked QR code
  • No HSE hazards

Test results

  • Rain erosion testing according to ASTM G73-10
    • Pristine test specimens - 100 hours without damage
    • Pre-damaged test specimens - 30 hours without additional damage
    • Aged in combination with cyclic UV/Salt spray/Low Temp. exposure according to ISO 20340 - 30 hours without damage
  • Tape and seal adhesion on various substrates according to ASTM 3330
  • Installed track record

Read more about ELLE Factory Solution and Retrofit Solution in the white papers on this page. 

Do not hesitate to contact Kenneth Iversen (OEM) or Torsten F. Pedersen (Aftermarket) for further information.


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