High Voltage Cable Manufacturing

PolyTech has developed a range of high voltage cables specifically for the use with our lightning protection systems in current and next generation WTG blades and nacelles.

To assure the expected performance during the entire life span of the blade, the cables are rigorously tested using methods for accelerated life and de-risk testing akin those used in aerospace procedures. In-line inspection and surveillance is done by using SCADA.

Examples of advantages using PolyTech HV Cables:

  • Exceed all IEC61400-24 requirements
  • Tested in accordance with IEC60243-1, IEC60143-3 and IEC60060-1
  • Side receptor array systems with integrated internal isolation
  • Compatible with all common blade manufacturing materials, resins and adhesives, which makes fixed cable installations inside blades reliable
  • The core conductor can be configured for any cross sectional area, material and IEC class
  • Low cost and highest performance
  • Configurable material types capable of producing either a stiff or flexible cable dependent on application and/or location in the blade / nacelle
  • Cable outside dimension follow industry standards
  • Corona formation is minimised by the manufacturing process avoiding gaps or voids between core conductor and semi conductive layer



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