Blade Root Bushings

High quality blade root bushings

The blade root bushing is a critical part of the wind turbine. The bushings carry the full load of the blade throughout the lifetime of the blade.

With constant movement and dynamic stress – and with the next generation blades sized at up to 100 meters in length and more than 20 tons weight – quality and complete control in production is essential.

Our specialists are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with blade root bushings.

PolyTech Blade Root Bushings adds value and advances:

  • Press Induction heater - Bushings are pressed in the desired shape
  • Bushings are heated and quenched
  • Bushings are machined in customized turning centres
  • The bushings are grit blasted to ensure optimal mechanical bonding
  • Every process is monitored and stored in the SCADA system
  • Anti-corrosion in thread
  • PolyTech Bushings are cost competitive
  • PolyTech provides worldwide delivery
  • Every step is tested in PolyTech’s own in-house metal laboratory


More information

poly-pdf-icon.png Read our white paper on blade root bushings.

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