Blade Balancing

Hundreds of feet tall with blades stretching even further. You do not want to lose your balance.
Wind speeds of 75 mph and over; if just one of the blades is slightly out of balance that wind turbine is a moment away from major damage.  
PolyTech takes pride in the specialist skill of balancing blades, by either liquid or slab methods. Liquid balancing is a precision process that injects HD polyurethane into a pre-shaped chamber in the blade. Slab balancing involves solid HD PU, applied to geometry specified by the customer.  

Blade flexibility is not affected, the PU is neutral to lightning strikes, and balancing can be done onsite, minimizing downtime. 

Examples of advantage using PolyTech Blade Balancing:

  • The liquid 2K polymer will harden inside the blade creating a solid mass
  • The liquid injection allows the rebalance to take place onsite
  • PolyTech provides automated machines used for injecting the material ensuring critical processes and data interface with factory SCADA and low tact time

PolyTech has supplied blade balancing systems to most of the world for over 15 years. The systems are therefore well-tested, fully-documented, and can be delivered world wide.



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