Blade Add-Ons

PolyTech helps blade manufacturers with a wide variety of blade performance add-ons making sure the blade picks up speed and performance.

Our solutions are often designed in a partnership with the customer’s aerodynamic engineers. Quality is essential as the add-ons alter the original design. All add-ons are custom-made and tested with full customer involvement.

Add-ons are exposed to extreme weathering. It is therefore crucial that the right material and bonding strategy is applied.

Examples from our current aero-add-on portfolio:

  • Gurney flaps to optimise lift, drag and moment coefficient
  • Vortex generators to optimise air flow round the blade root
  • Serrations to reduce blade noise and improve power lift
  • Chord extenders optimize production in low wind areas
  • Power upgrades in accordance with the OEM


All add-ons are tested extensively at our lab ensuring perfect bonding, low tact time in production and/or onsite installation.

PolyTech provides the full spectrum of specialist skills in material design and manufacture for any blade add-on.

We are also specialized in testing for erosion and UV exposure, and we perform peel tests and test for salt spray.
PolyTech is the full-service supplier!


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