Environment and Climate Policy


PolyTech A/S develops, manufactures and markets products for the wind turbine and offshore industry. In the work that we do, we take into account the requirements and expectations of society and consumers, with regard to the environment.  

PolyTech contributes sustainable development by minimising the production of waste, minimising energy consumption and by continually improving and optimising the processes that we use to achieve our objectives.   PolyTech aims to avoid the use of chemicals which are harmful to people and the environment.  

PolyTech complies with EU legislation for the use and labelling of chemicals.  

In its development of new products, PolyTech aims to take the environment into account in our choice of materials and energy consumption, so the assessment of existing and the development of new products is as far as possible based on a life-cycle perspective.

PolyTech aims to:

  • comply with the environmental authorisations and discharge permits and to otherwise comply with legislation and other requirements relating to the environment.  
  • work towards a trusting and full co-operation with the supervisory authority.
  • work on an ongoing basis to organise and operate our technical facilities and organise our workflows in such a way as to minimise our consumption of resources.  
  • continue to work towards reducing PolyTech’s environmental and climate impact and to optimise energy consumption.  
  • limit the production of waste and to ensure the greatest possible recycling of waste. Ensure that waste is disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.  
  • prioritise suppliers and partners that focus on the protection of the environment and on energy-efficient products.  
  • reduce consumption of dangerous chemicals by implementing risk assessments and finding alternatives.  
  • communicate openly about environmental targets and results. 



September 2017

Mads Kirkegaard


PolyTech A/S

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