Code of Conduct

PolyTech’s Code of Conduct is our codex for sustainable development, safe working environment, strong staff relations, environmental considerations and a close relation to the world around us.

It is a priority for us that this codex influences all our activities. Therefore, we expect full focus on our Code of Conduct and expect that it is acknowledged and complied with, not only by PolyTech as a company, but also by our suppliers and  partners.

PolyTech’s 10 commitments

  1. PolyTech respects and supports the protection of international human rights 
  2. PolyTech respects equal opportunity and fights discrimination in the workplace   
  3. PolyTech respects everyone’s right to freedom of religion
  4. PolyTech respects everyone’s freedom of association 
  5. PolyTech demands that our colleagus can work here without the risk of harassment
    or abuse, and we condemn any sort of forced labour
  6. PolyTech has no tolerance of bribery and corruption
  7. PolyTech supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 
  8. PolyTech offers education, training and development of competences at all levels
    of the company 
  9. PolyTech aims to be a leading company in the areas of enviroment and occupational health, and we support sustainable development
  10. PolyTech will ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulation 



Read our Code of Conduct publication (PDF) here


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