UN Global Targets


As an important element of PolyTech’s CSR input, we work consciously with two of the UN Global Targets for sustainable development.

The 17 global targets were adopted by the world’s heads of state and government at the UN Summit in New York in the late summer of 2015. In the run-up to 2030, the 17 principal goals and 169 subsidiary goals are to ensure more sustainable development, to the benefit of both people and the planet we share.

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Target No. 3 - Good health and well-being - has to do with ensuring a healthy life for all, and promoting well-being for all age groups. It is a goal that should be viewed in the light of the fact that, in spite of having achieved historic results in the area, the global community is still facing major challenges. At PolyTech, we have a stated aim of being among the industrial trail-blazers when it comes to health and well-being. Our input in this area finds expression in particular in our internal set-up, where we focus strongly on aspects such as establishing the healthiest possible working conditions for the employees at all our factories – by efficiently preventing their exposure to hazardous chemicals, for instance.

Target No. 12 - Responsible consumption and production - centres on reducing human impact on the planet by altering the way in which we produce and consume our goods and resources. To this end, in the period up to 2030 governments, companies and consumers in the 193 member states are to work for sustainable consumption and sustainable forms of production, for example by introducing more efficient production methods and supply chains, and by optimising waste management.

At PolyTech, we work conscientiously to increase the share of durable and renewable materials we use, and to develop sustainable products – usually in close collaboration with our customers. As an important part of this work, we keep pace with the rapid development in the field of reusable materials and are quick to adopt new materials in step with their ongoing improvement. Our objectives include minimising waste in our production processes by ramping up our reuse of plastic.

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